About Us

Our Mission

Grounded in love and concern for animals and people. PawsWithCause brings an opportunity for senior citizens, under-served populations, and the community to express themselves by painting local area shelter pets.

PawsWithCause, a local, federally registered 501(c)(3), works with amazing rescue groups, city art centers, retirement/ assisted living centers, and regional businesses that look beyond a profit margin, and you, to help serve our community. Our mission is simple: bring together shelter pets, senior citizens, our community and area businesses to create lasting difference for everyone.

How our program works

We work with area shelters to determine which animals are at-risk and in desperate need of finding an adoption family. We use photos of these animals to create sketches for painting kits that have the supplies needed to create beautiful portraits. We take the supplies to senior centers, community centers and businesses, where they create these beautiful paintings.

Completed paintings are displayed at our 28 galleries in Snohomish, King, and Pierce counties in local businesses such as grocery stores, restaurants and at our flagship gallery in the Everett Mall. The portraits create awareness, generate adoption leads and donations though the sale of portraits and paint kits.  Donations get used for more supplies and the feeding and care of shelter animals.

This PawsWithCause program brings adoptable animal paintings to the public, saves lives and enriches the community at large. Please help us through the purchase of a pet portrait, donating directly or volunteering as an artist or evangelist.