Our Mission

Grounded in love and concern, PawsWithCause is a 501(c)3, volunteer-based nonprofit with a mission to improve the lives of abandoned animals. We do this by generating public awareness, educating communities, and providing financial support to animal rescues and shelters. Our forte is art and engagement, with a special focus on underserved groups. 


We shine light on the dark issue of animal neglect and abandonment. We help animal rescues and shelters that are tremendously overworked and underfunded by empowering the public and businesses to do more good. We help people by getting them involved, giving them a way to be part of a solution, and ultimately, inspiring them and lifting their spirits. 

Most people don’t realize that animal neglect is not just about animals. It's also about communities that have forgotten the best of themselves. Our goal is that no one feels neglected or abandoned, whether animal or human. To this end, we actively strive to involve everyone in our efforts because saving furry, frightened souls is about all us coming together. We save ourselves when we do this. (Yes, we know that sounds corny, but that doesn’t make it any less true. These are huge things. Big, very big.)


We use a 5-step process to achieve our mission. It goes like this:

  1. We partner with animal groups. They tell us about the animals in the most need. The ones who are going unnoticed, who have the saddest stories. The ones who’ve been missed or forgotten.

  2. We collect photos of those animals. We create simple sketches based on those photos. We add those sketches, as well as adoption information, to our paint kits.

  3. We set up paint parties – engaging the general public, the business community, and underserved groups.

  4. We generate awareness of the specific animals by posting their unique, colorful, eye-catching portraits in businesses as well as on community boards, social media, and our website. 

  5. We sell paint kits online so that anyone, anywhere can participate in and contribute to this cause. 


Currently, our growing outreach program is benefitting more than 81 animal rescues and shelters. In addition to numerous donations from generous and forward-thinking groups, we also generate revenue through events and paint parties. Online products such as portrait products, park packs, home paint kits, and many soon-to-be-launched merchandise items -- further expand and fund our efforts.