Diversity and Inclusion Efforts

PawsWithCause finds that diversity builds strength, inclusion builds relationships and equity is a principle that we are there for all people.  So while a debate rages on, we will hold fast to principals that all voices matter.
In support of that, we focus our DEI programs on the following areas and have achieved successful outcomes with our initiatives:
  1. PawsWithCause currently supports five initiatives for our handi-capable population.
  2. We provide programs for those who's socio-economic background is marginalized
  3. We work within the Prosecutors office to create a pathway where those in the justice system can do redeeming work. 
  4. Our elders, specifically those with Alzheimers, are foundational members of our community and provide inter-generational outreach
  5. We were award winners of the Tulalip Tribe's Raising Hands grants and believe that we are all one on this earth.