Event Map
The Great Everett Scavenger Hunt

All pet portraits are hidden in businesses located in the Everett metro area. To know which merchants are participating and have hidden portraits on their premises, you’ll need the scavenger hunt map. 

  • INTERACTIVE MAP (ONLINE) — Most participants are using their smart phones to participate in the scavenger hunt, and if that's you, you will want to use the interactive map so you can zoom in/out and easily scroll around the map.

    We’ve also included a link to the interactive map in the confirmation email that you received when you registered. (If you've registered but haven’t received a confirmation email, check your Junk email folder. If you haven’t registered, be sure you do so you can be eligible for prizes. Register now in less than 2 minutes.) 

    Interactive Map (Online)

  • PRINTABLE MAP (DOWNLOADABLE) — For those not using mobile devices, download this printable map to participate in the scavenger hunt. Also, printouts of this map will be available at hunt locations. 

    Printable Map (Downloadable)


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